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How to make the perfect coffee and save money

Date Added: January 31, 2011 07:17:16 AM
Author: Jonathan Trott
Category: Home & Family: Cooking

If you make a cup of coffee at home in a home brewing system of some sort then you can save enormous amounts of money. Even the most expensive coffee in the world, from High Altitude Specialty Coffee at $120 per lb is only $3-4 per cup, less than you would pay for a glass of house wine in a restaurant. This is one of those special indulgence items where you can spend a little more and gain a lot. High quality coffee made at home has many major advantages that save you money and improve your quality of life. A French Press allows you to use the amount of coffee you like and also the length of brew that you like. You can use slightly less coffee and brew it for a little longer for a similar effect, you can also grind your beans finer to get more flavor out of the coffee. A one cup machine can have a small metal mesh insert that allow s you to use premium coffee instead of the high price refills offered by the manufacturer.   One of the other major advantages is that you can buy the syrups or flavored creamers at a fraction of the price that the few drops would cost you in a store. A bottle that can last for weeks may be less than one cup at a coffee shop. If you buy great coffee though you really don’t even need sugar and cream, it can be drunk black and be very satisfying.     Find more information relating to Expensive coffee, and Best coffee here.
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